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8 New Records/CBPs Set

The following new records and CBPs (*) were established at the 2019 North Munster Championships. Congratulations to all those who set these.

EventPreviousRecordFirst NameLast NameSchool
Inter Boys 200m22.121.8*DiroLawalCastletroy College
Junior Boys High Jump1.801.85GeoffreyJoy O’ReganJohn The Baptist C S
Junior Boys Shot13.7914.61CallumKeatingHazelwood College
Inter Girls Shot11.2611.59MeganLenihanHazelwood College
Junior Girls 1500m4. HainifeinGael Cholaiste an Chlar / Ennis C C
Junior Girls 800m2. Hill Secondary School
Minor Girls 1500m5.’MahonyColáiste Muire Ennis
Minor Girls Shot10.1810.85AvaRochfordRice College Ennis

Provisional Results 2019 Track & Field

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Relay results are included at the end.

Minor Boys 100m
D Dickson (Crescent College Comp SJ)
J Boland (Crescent College Comp SJ)
J Eltu (Rice College Ennis)

Minor Boys 200m
D Dickson (Crescent College Comp SJ)                                      25.0
C Mangan (Coláiste Chiarain)                                                 25.5
F O’Neill (Tralee CBS)                                                          26.2

Minor Boys 800m
D Kennedy  (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                         2.15.9
H Hamel (St John Bosco C C)                                                 2.18.2
C Mangan (Coláiste Chiarain)                                                 2.20.5

Minor Boys 1500m
M Abdalla (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               5.14.8
C O’Brien (St Clements)                                                        5.37.6
D Moses (Gael Cholaiste an Chlar / Ennis C C)                             5.57.8

Minor Boys 75m Hurdles
J Boland (Crescent College Comp SJ)                                       12.1
J Obajitan (Tralee CBS)                                                        12.9
C Murphy (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                13.2

Minor Boys Long Jump
Y O’Brien (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                             5.43
R Ybanez (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               4.75
D Cunnane (Tralee CBS)                                                       4.63

Minor Boys Shot
T Allen (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                               9.06
L O’Callaghan (Limerick ETSS)                                               8.73
P Ward (Gael Cholaiste an Chlar / Ennis C C)                               8.18

Minor Girls 100m
V Amiadamen (Castletroy College)
A Ezekannagha (Coláiste Chiarain)
A Cleary (John The Baptist C S)

Minor Girls 200m
A Alfred (Laurel Hill Secondary School)                                      27.3
K Foley (SMI Newcastlewest)                                                  27.7
R Rahilly (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                28.1

Minor Girls 800m
H O’Boyle (St Flannan’s)                                                       2.22
E Mannion (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                             2.27
A Lillis (Rice College Ennis)                                                    2.29

Minor Girls 1500m
L O’Mahony (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                           5.11
A Barrett (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                               5.40
R Mulgrew (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                              6.14

Minor Girls 75m Hurdles
A Ezekannagha (Coláiste Chiarain)      13.0
L McLysaght (Mercy Mount Hawk)       13.6
E Nic An Tsithigh  (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)

Minor Girls Long Jump
V Amiadamen (Castletroy College)                                           4.45
R Rahilly (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                4.06
O McKenna (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                             3.91

Minor Girls Shot
A Rochford (Rice College Ennis)                                              10.85
S McEvoy (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                            7.43
E McEvoy (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                            6.84

Junior Boys 100m
E Opuoru (St Flannan’s)       11.9
J O’Connor (St Patricks S S Castleisland)
F Williams (Mercy Mount Hawk)

Junior Boys 200m
J O’Connor (St Patricks S S Castleisland)                                   24.0
L O Connell (St Michael’s Listowel)                                           25.1
S Neville (Limerick ETSS)                                                      25.4

Junior Boys 800m
C O’Boyle (St Flannan’s)                                                       2.13.5
C Higgins (St Munchin’s)                                                       2.29.1
C O’Gara (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                2.31.2

Junior Boys 1500m
N Murphy (St Flannan’s)                                                        4.39.9
F Ceileachair (Gael Cholaiste an Chlar / Ennis C C)                        4.55.2
S Neville (Limerick ETSS)                                                      4.56.8

Junior Boys 80m Hurdles
F Williams (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               13.7
A O’Connor (Castletroy College)                                              14.0
P Falvey (Tralee CBS)                                                          15.1

Junior Boys Long Jump
D O’Connor (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                             5.02
A O’Connor (Castletroy College)                                              4.76
P Falvey (Tralee CBS)                                                          4.72

Junior Boys Triple Jump
L Murphy (Coláiste Chiarain)                                                  8.68
S Hanley (Glenstal Abbey School)                                            8.50
J Sleeman (Glenstal Abbey School)                                          7.70

Junior Boys High Jump
G Joy O’Regan (John The Baptist C S)                                       1.85
A Buchanan (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                                  1.60
A Uosis (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                                       1.55

Junior Boys Shot
C Keating (Hazelwood College)                                               14.61
P McCarthy (St Michael’s Listowel)                                           12.02
C Ó Muircheartaigh (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                         8.86

Junior Boys Discus
P McCarthy (St Michael’s Listowel)                                           29.20
C O’Mhurthuile (Glenstal Abbey School)                                     18.78

Junior Boys Javelin
C Murphy (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                34.35
P Frawley (Glenstal Abbey School)                                           13.22

Junior Girls 100m
D Lawal (Castletroy College) 13.15
M McElligott (Presentation Listowel)
K Enright (Mercy Mount Hawk)

Junior Girls 200m
D Lawal (Castletroy College)                                                  27.2
A Malice (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                               27.5
E Conroy (Laurel Hill Secondary School)                                    27.6

Junior Girls 800m
S Butler (Laurel Hill Secondary School)                                      2.21.9
M Campbell (Crescent College Comp SJ)                                   2.23.9
M Cagney (SMI Newcastlewest)                                              2.29.5

Junior Girls 1500m
N Ni Hainifein (Gael Cholaiste an Chlar / Ennis C C)                       4.52.7
M Murray (Scariff C C)                                                          5.15
S Reidy (Castleisland C C)                                                     5.54

Junior Girls 1200m Walk
M Gaffrey (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                           7.16
E Hayde  (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                            7.53
S Reidy (Castleisland C C)                                                     7.54

Junior Girls 75m Hurdles
J Clarke (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                 14.0
A Healy (St Caimin’s)                                                           15.6
C Ní Allarúin (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                                 19.2

Junior Girls Long Jump
M McElligott (Presentation Listowel)                                          4.23
E Hall (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                                         4.09
R Leyden (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                              3.78

Junior Girls Triple Jump
H McKenna (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                             8.42

Junior Girls High Jump
A Rochford (Rice College Ennis)                                              1.65
E McEvoy (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                            1.50
E Hall (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                                         1.35

Junior Girls Shot
E Carolan (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                           9.02
A O’Shea (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                8.94
A Moloney (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                             8.36

Junior Girls Discus
A O’Shea (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                27.47

Junior Girls Javelin
A Moloney (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                             24.32
D O’Shea (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                23.77
E Carolan (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                           20.21

Junior Girls Hammer
G Lane (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                  13.92

Inter Boys 100m
D Lawal (Castletroy College) 10.8
M Shalemba (Mercy Mount Hawk)
J Okwuegbe (Thomond C C)

Inter Boys 200m
D Lawal (Castletroy College)                                                  21.8
M Shalemba (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                            22.1
T Lawal (Castletroy College)                                                   23.5

Inter Boys 400m
R Prenderville (John The Baptist C S)                                        51.5
J O’Connor (Ardscoil Rís)                                                      53.5
N Wright (Desmond College)                                                  53.8

Inter Boys 800m
T Collins (Glenstal Abbey School)                                            2.03.7
R Prenderville (John The Baptist C S)                                        2.04.4
K O’ Carroll (Ardscoil Rís)                                                      2.07.8

Inter Boys 1500m
T Collins (Glenstal Abbey School)                                            4.15.6
L Griffin (St Flannan’s)                                                          4.16.5
D Casey (St Flannan’s)                                                         4.28.8

Inter Boys 3000m
M Hanrahan (St Flannan’s)                                                    9.17.4
D Casey (St Flannan’s)                                                         9.21.5
O Murray (Gaelcholaiste Chiarrai)                                             9.49.3

Inter Boys 2000m Walk
N McConway (St Flannan’s)                                                   12.10
C O’Mahony (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                            14.54
M Vichente (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                              15.13

Inter Boys 100m Hurdles
P Ambrose (SMI Newcastlewest)                                             17.3
F McInerney (St Caimin’s)                                                      20.0

Inter Boys 1500m Steeplechase
C Hartigan (Glenstal Abbey School)                                          5.39.8

U16 Boys Mile
O Murray (Gaelcholaiste Chiarrai)                                             4.58.3
J O’Donoghue (Tralee CBS)                                                   4.58.9
B Conway (St Flannan’s)                                                       5.02

Inter Boys Long Jump
S Kirschner (John The Baptist C S)                                           5.28
J Leung (Coláiste Chiarain)                                                    5.21
E Quin (St Munchin’s)                                                           4.86

Inter Boys Triple Jump
R Pearce (Tralee CBS)                                                         10.89
T Ede (Coláiste Chiarain)                                                      10.81
D Onwuniwe (St Flannan’s)                                                    8.76

Inter Boys High Jump
K O’Connor (Colaiste Ide agus Iosef)                                         1.50
P Queally (Glenstal Abbey School)                                           1.45
M Kelly (St Munchin’s)                                                          1.35

Inter Boys Shot
C McGrath (St Clements)                                                      10.71
L Ryans (John The Baptist C S)                                               9.82
T Ezenduka (Coláiste Chiarain)                                               9.79

Inter Boys Discus
E Kelly (Salesian Secondary College)                                        22.01
D Griffin (Tralee CBS)                                                          21.67
D Murphy (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                19.43

Inter Boys Javelin
J McEvoy (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                            45.30
D Murphy (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                34.63
L Ryans (John The Baptist C S)                                               28.87

Inter Boys Hammer
N McConway (St Flannan’s)                                                   34.33

Inter Girls 100m
S Dickson (Crescent College Comp SJ) 13.1
J Jagielska (St Flannan’s)
A Neville  (Castletroy College)

Inter Girls 200m
R Falvey (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                 25.9
C Pierse (Presentation Listowel)                                              26.3
A Tony (Colaiste Ide agus Iosef)                                              26.4

Inter Girls 300m
A Doherty (St Flannan’s)                                                       43.5
E Pike (Rice College Ennis)                                                    44.8
E Murphy (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                45.2

Inter Girls 800m
A Hayde (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                             2.18.9
S Lane (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                               2.24.8
E O’Sullivan (Presentation Tralee)                                            2.28.9

Inter Girls 1500m
A Hayde (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                             4.48.7
K Hughes (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               6.44.0

Inter Girls 3000m
N O’Mahony (Presentation Tralee)                                            10.24.5
E O’Sullivan (Presentation Tralee)                                            11.51.6
P McCarthy (Gaelcholaiste Chiarrai)                                          12.38.9

Inter Girls 2000m Walk
K Kerins (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                 15.34

Inter Girls 80m Hurdles
C Ugwueru (St Flannan’s)                                                      12.3
O Adedeja (Coláiste Chiarain)                                                 12.6
C O’Connor (Desmond College)                                               17.9

Inter Girls 300m Hurdles
O Adedeja (Coláiste Chiarain)
M Looney (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)
M Hall (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)

U16 Girls Mile
R Ni Lachtanin (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                        6.10
K Arthur (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                                6.26

Inter Girls Long Jump
R Falvey (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                 5.08
G O’Mahony (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                            3.82
C Rice (Presentation Tralee)                                                   3.44

Inter Girls Triple Jump
C Ugwueru (St Flannan’s)                                                      10.12
C McNamara (Scariff C C)                                                      8.94
M Hilvering (Scariff C C)                                                        8.58

Inter Girls High Jump
C Kennedy (John The Baptist C S)                                            1.65
E Dillon (Villiers)                                                                 1.60
S Ogungbesan (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                         1.35

Inter Girls Shot
M Lenihan (Hazelwood College)                                              11.59
A Nwaigue (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                            9.77
S Ojulari (St Flannan’s)                                                         8.79

Inter Girls Discus
M Lenihan (Hazelwood College)                                              36.56
K Reid (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                                        19.99
I Njoku (St Caimin’s)                                                            16.80

Inter Girls Javelin
L Healy (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                                38.41
K Reid (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                                        32.91
H Meredith (SMI Newcastlewest)                                              27.11

Senior Boys 100m
C Griffin (Mercy Mount Hawk) 10.8
B Oyebanji (Mercy Mount Hawk)
S Ojo (Coláiste Chiarain)

Senior Boys 200m
C Griffin (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                 22.1
B Oyebanji (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                              22.4
T Adeyemo (St Clements)                                                      22.6

Senior Boys 400m
F O’Brien  (Tralee CBS)                                                        52.4
B Sheehan (Colaiste Ide agus Iosef)                                          53.6
R Clothier  (Castletroy College)                                               54.2

Senior Boys 800m
B Deasy (St Flannan’s)                                                         2.08.6
S Cleary (Ardscoil Rís)                                                         2.42.3

Senior Boys 1500m
O Spillane (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               4.31.6
D Lynch (Tralee CBS)                                                          4.33.4
P Holian (John The Baptist C S)                                               4.44.2

Senior Boys 5000m
O Spillane (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               16.45.1
K O’ Grady (Ardscoil Rís)                                                       17.03.4
J Kelly (St Patrick’s C S Shannon)                                            17.30.1

Senior Boys 110m Hurdles
J McEvoy (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                            14.9
J Hanly (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                               21.8

Senior Boys 400m Hurdles
R Clothier  (Castletroy College)                                               61.6
A Malik (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                  64.1

Senior Boys Long Jump
L O’Carroll (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                              6.54
S Carolan  (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                           6.22
M Tony (Colaiste Ide agus Iosef)                                              6.02

Senior Boys Triple Jump
M Tony (Colaiste Ide agus Iosef)                                              12.95
L O’Carroll (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                              11.85
J Rusk (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                   11.74

Senior Boys High Jump
D Courtney (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                              1.90
J McEvoy (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                            1.90
D Greene (St Michael’s Kilmihil)                                               1.80

Senior Boys Shot
S Carolan  (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                           13.26
D Siegel (Tralee CBS)                                                          12.77
C Tanyi (Salesian Secondary College)                                       10.11

Senior Boys Discus
A Malik (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                  30.43
C Tanyi (Salesian Secondary College)                                       23.68

Senior Boys Javelin
M Kelly (St Munchin’s)                                                          20.88

Senior Boys Hammer
J Cadigan (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               18.82
M Kerins (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                 14.58

Senior Girls 100m
O O’Reilly (Mercy Mount Hawk)
N Foley (SMI Newcastlewest)
S Ogbuagu (St Flannan’s)

Senior Girls 200m
O O’Reilly (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               25.0
N Foley (SMI Newcastlewest)                                                 25.7
H Dee (Crescent College Comp SJ)                                          27.6

Senior Girls 400m
A Russell  (Castletroy College)                                                61.5
Z Bolger (Villiers)                                                                61.9
K Murphy (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                              64.9

Senior Girls 800m
J Keane (St Flannan’s)                                                         2.14.1

Senior Girls 1500m
R Fehily (Laurel Hill Coláiste)                                                  5.15.1

Senior Girls 3000m
L Healy (St Flannan’s)                                                          11.02.5

Senior Girls 100m Hurdles
M Bates (Colaiste Ide agus Iosef)                                             23.8

Senior Girls 400m Hurdles
E Rochford (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                            71.0

Senior Girls Long Jump
S Meredith (SMI Newcastlewest)                                              5.42
S Ryan (Crescent College Comp SJ)                                         4.73

Senior Girls Triple Jump
S Ryan (Crescent College Comp SJ)                                         9.59

Senior Girls Shot
S Benson (St Flannan’s)                                                        8.94
D Kiely Ejikeme (Coláiste Chiarain)                                           5.35

Senior Girls Discus
S Benson (St Flannan’s)                                                        26.33
L Cronin (Brookfield College)                                                  23.71

Senior Girls Javelin
S Liston (SMI Newcastlewest)                                                 23.91

Senior Girls Hammer
L Cronin (Brookfield College)                                                  34.20

Relay Results

1Crescent College Comp SJMinor Boys 4 x 100m Relay50.7
2Mercy Mount HawkMinor Boys 4 x 100m Relay52.5
3Coláiste ChiarainMinor Boys 4 x 100m Relay52.8
1Castletroy CollegeJunior Boys 4 x 100m Relay50.5
2Coláiste ChiarainJunior Boys 4 x 100m Relay51.7
3Glenstal Abbey SchoolJunior Boys 4 x 100m Relay67.1
1Ardscoil RísInter Boys 4 x 100m Relay46.4
2Castletroy CollegeInter Boys 4 x 100m Relay46.5
3Coláiste ChiarainInter Boys 4 x 100m Relay47.2
1Mercy Mount HawkSenior Boys 4 x 100m Relay44.3
2St Anne’s C C KillaloeSenior Boys 4 x 100m Relay45.5
3Coláiste ChiarainSenior Boys 4 x 100m Relay46.8
1Mercy Mount HawkMinor Girls 4 x 100m Relay55.7
2Rice College EnnisMinor Girls 4 x 100m Relay56.6
3Coláiste ChiarainMinor Girls 4 x 100m Relay56.9
1Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolJunior Girls 4 x 100m Relay54.9
2Castletroy CollegeJunior Girls 4 x 100m Relay57.1
3Mercy Mount HawkJunior Girls 4 x 100m Relay57.3
1Castletroy CollegeInter Girls 4 x 100m Relay52.1
2St FlannansInter Girls 4 x 100m Relay53.5
3Coláiste Muire EnnisInter Girls 4 x 100m Relay53.9
1Crescent College Comp SJSenior Girls 4 x 100m Relay53.3
2SMI NewcastlewestSenior Girls 4 x 100m Relay54.5
3Colaiste Ide agus IosefSenior Girls 4 x 100m Relay59.4

Change of Venue

Day 2 of the North Munster Schools T&F on Thursday 9th May 2019 will now take place in An Ríocht AC, Castleisland and NOT in UL. Apologies for this alteration.

NMXC 2019 Provisional Results

Well done to all who participated over a super course in Pallaskenry to-day. Many thanks to our hosts Salesian Secondary College – in particular Alan and Joe and the TY Crew.

Provisional Individual and Team results are now posted online. Photos to follow.

Click here for results

Please notify any corrections to Greg Ashe.

Top 15 individuals in each category and top 4 teams qualify for irish Life Health Munster Schools Cross-Country in W.I.T Sports Campus on Friday 15th February.

Individuals and Teams will be automatically entered. Please notify any withdrawals to Greg Ashe.